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Computers that suddenly become very slow are usually infected with spyware. These malicious software programs, besides invading your privacy, take up hard drive space and slow down your PC.

Most computers that are connected to the internet today are infected by some sort of adware and spyware.

This is a huge security risk as browsing activity can be tracked and any information entered via the web intercepted.

Ensure that your computer is free of these malware by using the best spyware removal program NoAdware. Download NoAdware and Scan your PC for free!

Then if you find your system is infected you can purchase NoAdware and clean your system for one full year for only $47 (Single PC license).

NoAdware Adware Spyware Remover Features:

ActiveX Shields

By enabling ActiveX Protection you can prevent software from being installed on your computer without your approval.

Browser Shields

The Protect IE Favourites feature will ensure that no website can automatically add their URL to your browser's 'Favourite List'.

Automatic Scanning

Schedule times for NoAdware to automatically scan your computer for possible adware / spyware infiltrations


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Slow Computer Fix

"After just purchasing your product, i couldn''t believe just how unintrusive it is, the program simply zips through the system and detects files that most internet users are totaly unaware of, it runs with a ''no mercy'' theme and does a brilliant job of elimination."

-Tom Vinters

"I thank you with EXTREME thanks. My computer works perfectly once again."

- Pearl Hartman

"I have this evening got rid of parasites, which was driving me into an early grave!!! And I owe it all to NoAdware - THANKS!!!!!!!"

- Fredrick Simmons

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